Start with a Vision...
You have a Strategic Vision for your organization:
  • Gain a 15% sales growth while not exceeding a 10% expense increase.
  • Have a clear summary of the detail levels of your organization readily available for the appropriate members.
  • Be able to access informational tools in order to provide Management a precise look at the cause and effect of each individual department’s performance (and their impact on other departments and the financials.)
  • Provide managers and analysts driver-based forecasts consisting of up-to-date information

Unfortunately, most companies run their business with an incomplete view or understanding of their strategy as it relates to the overall mission of the company. Alpha Performance Management works with senior executives and the Board, if necessary, to ensure all departments are working together to achieve the same goals.

In order to formulate a communication plan with the rest of the company, Departmental Managers must agree on the driving principles and strategy of the company. This should include (at the very least): the mission, the vision, supporting strategy, & how each level of the organization is important to the strategy

Utilizing this proven methodology provides a clear view of ownership, responsibility, accountability, and authority as well as exposing the consequences for failure to appropriately execute against the strategy.

Through the use of technology, this adopted strategy can be built into the solution for your company to ensure everyone in the organization is working together under the same assumptions, metrics, and key performance indicators (KPI’s).


Vision and Strategy
  nalyze the Past
  Monitor the Present
   Plan the Future